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SSX Tricky

  • ps2
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
  • Developer: TBC
Mild Violence
Mild Language
Comic Mischief
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SSX Tricky takes you to the other side of the mountain in more ways than one. The follow-up to the game that took the console world by storm features six of the original cast of favorite characters plus six new extreme personalities to compete with. SSX Tricky includes all of your favorite courses redesigned for a whole new experience. Once again, big air, combat racing, and unprecedented speed combine to deliver an even bigger adrenaline rush than the ground-breaking original.

  • Two all-new courses (the big-air runs of Garibaldi and the sheer cliffs of Valdez), plus all the original tracks redone, remixed, and re-tricked for mass thrills.
  • Insane big air and new Uber tricks
  • 12 riders voiced by celebrity stars
  • Sick in-game beats by Mix Master Mike, Aphrodite, The Plump DJs, and more

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