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As the only engineer in your spaceship, you must fend off hordes of alien scum by setting up defenses all over the ship! It's one man against an army!

  • PS Vita
  • Also onPS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Strategy
  • Publisher: Rotten Mage
  • Developer: Rotten Mage
Alcohol Reference
Fantasy Violence
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Fast-Paced Action Meets Tower Defense

Spacejacked is a super fast-paced ACTION TOWER-DEFENSE. Play as Dave, a lone technician tasked with protecting his spaceship from being overrun by aliens while it prepares to warp into hyperspace. Players who seek to experience a blend of action shooter and tower defense will enjoy this game!



  • Defend both the ground and ceiling! No spot is safe from alien scum!
  • Shoot up hordes of aliens with your trusty blaster, and when that isn't enough, build turrets and shoot some more!
  • Experience crazy-fast navigation between arenas via gravity flipping and teleporters as you defend multiple arenas simultaneously.
  • Play through the Story Mode filled with quirky characters over the course of two major story arcs.
  • Enjoy the even faster-paced Endless Mode and compete for high scores with friends.
  • Conquer the Challenge Mode with demanding set-pieces only fit for the most hardcore.
  • Rescue scientists and unlock weapon upgrades.

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