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  • PS3
  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Role Playing Game (RPG) / Adventure / Action
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Developer: The Workshop
Mild Blood
Fantasy Violence
Mild Suggestive Themes
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With fantastic elemental spells, powerful potions and countless items to discover and collect, SorceryTM immerses players in a unique fantasy story like never before. Along their epic journey, players will encounter fierce enemies, solve ingenious puzzles, and heal a broken world shrouded in Darkness.

Key Features

  • Wield the power of a legendary sorcerer's wondrous magic wand - Cast extraordinary magic, brew enchanted elixirs, solve ingenious puzzles and combat the minions of darkness.
  • Power in your hands - Get closer to the action than ever before. With the PlayStation Move motion controller, you hold the apprentice's weapon in your hands. Cast powerful spells, conjure storms, unleash walls of living fire, and transform into magical creatures. Then combine your spells for even more power. The possibilities are endless!
  • Transform from a fledgling apprentice into a master wizard- Start from humble farm boy beginnings, with only a small arsenal of magic at your disposal to an unstoppable magic force!
  • Journey into the dark of the Faerie Realm – Embark on your adventure throughout the dangerous Faerie Kingdom. Battle undead soldiers, corrupted forest guardians, and giant stone trolls as you face down the forces of the Nightmare Queen.


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  • Sorcery™

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