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Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype

The shoot'em up classic arrives on the PlayStation®Vita system!

  • PS Vita
  • Also onPS3
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter / Action / Arcade
  • Publisher: eastasiasoft
  • Developer: SideQuest Studios
Fantasy Violence
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The shoot'em up classic arrives on the PlayStation®Vita system !  Blast through a variety of action-packed levels, battle fierce bosses, unlock new ships, weapons and rewards. Master the challenge mode and compete in online high score battles!

  • Console perfect port, running at 60 fps
  • Three player ships with distinct characteristics and weapon systems
  • Dynamic score-linked difficulty system
  • Online high score tables and replay file sharing
  • Unlockables and rewards offer nearly unlimited replay value



3104 A.D. The Virus Wars had ended.  After the Söldner-x prototype returned to earth, peace was restored to the galaxy. For a while...

But rebuilding civilization took its toll.  Splinter factions formed, opposing the planetary union. The most dangerous of these were the D'aarg,  a technologically superior race determined to take advantage of the situation by conquering defenseless systems.

Knowing that the regular earth defense force stood no chance against the new enemy, an enhanced generation of starfighters was built in Gota IV. 20 years after the Virus Wars, a new conflict is nearing its climax. The Söldner-x legend rises once again...




Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype Play Rank System

Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype introduces a dynamic play rank system that is on the one hand designed to be fair and attractive to new players, yet on the other hand challenging and rewarding for those who like to invest more time and get the maximum out of the game.

The play rank system measures the player’s performance and automatically adjusts the game’s play rank, which works like a dynamic difficulty. On a lower rank players will consequently encounter less enemies and bullets and have more overall room for error. On the contrary, when players improve their game and reach higher play ranks, the game automatically becomes tougher.

Play ranks are measured in eight steps, each one of them linked to a score multiplier. Depending on the circumstances, players can achieve multipliers ranging between x1 (on the lowest rank) and x96 (on the highest rank). High scores and replay files can be uploaded for online ranking. Replays files can be downloaded and watched in-game.


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