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Sky Ride

An action game in which a player will ride on a high speed bike and defeat a large group of approaching enemies.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter / Action
  • Publisher: MUTAN Inc.
  • Developer: MUTAN Inc.
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Game Overview

Move freely in the stage and shoot down your enemy!

“Sky Ride” is a 3D action game that you can drive your flying bike “Air Lob” in all directions. Enjoy the operability and the speed while you shoot down your enemy drones! 

  • Destroy your enemies by choosing from 5 types of weapons! “Air Lob” is loaded with 5 types of weapons. Knock down your enemies with infinite ammo by using your Machine gun. Blow up your enemies in a wide range by throwing your Grenade. Fire your Missile that will follow them until it lands. Penetrate your enemies by using Laser gun. Wipe them out by using your Beam.

Fight against your enemies by choosing your favorite weapons!

  • Rivals are all around the world!? Compete them with your score!

The purpose of the game is to destroy your enemies and to survive until your life reaches 0. Your score will be recorded online and you can compete with other players. You can also see your friend’s ranking. See who is the best among your friend group! 



Story Details

"The major collapse"

The world was led back to primal level by a great war, which is now called "The major collapse". Ever since, the world has been under depredation. After 30 years, humanity has agreed upon the peaceful use of "Half active Tryda" and finally seemed like they were able to live under stable condition but...

A young girl named "Alenka Lucca" has a part time job to work her way through school. She exterminates mining drones that went out of control, aka "sweeper" at the enery mining facility "Oasis".

"Hopefully I'll be able to start working on my homework if I get back by tomorrow night."

She worried about her homework as she fired up her cherished compact antigravity glider "Air Lob" as usual, wore an extra jacket over her hoodie, and took off to the uninhabited "Oasis"!


Gameplay Details

Techniques for Survival

  • Drive around in the air and of course on the ground!

In “Sky Ride”, you can move around the map forwards, backwards, left, right, up and down…however and anywhere you want!

  • Use you boost and make your way through the herd of enemies!

You can increase your speed by using the boost. You will be consuming your boost gauge while in use, but it will recover over time. It will rapidly consume your boost gauge but gain more speed by using the super boost! 

  • Fight the enemies by using your 5 types of weapons!

There are 5 types of weapons that has different characteristics. Besides the “machine gun” that has infinite ammo, each weapon will automatically start reloading when you run out or when the ammo gets low.   

  • Compete with the players all around the world!

Survive as long as you can and kill your enemy for higher score. Your score will be recorded online, so try to reach your high score and compete with other players all around the world! You can check your friend ranking on the ranking screen, check out who’s on the lead among your friends! Compete with your friends and other players and aim for the higher ranks!



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