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Shred It!

Shred It! is an innovative endless runner. Snowboard your way down a never-ending hill in a beautiful paper-craft world. In a sublimely atmospheric and ever-changing landscape, a dynamic weather system swirls around you as you tear your way down the slopes, collecting leaves and performing awesome tricks.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Arcade / Sports
  • Publisher: Extra Mile Studios
  • Developer: Extra Mile Studios
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Game Overview

Shred It! The ultimate papercraft snowboarding infinite runner!

Snowboard your way down a paper slope, in a paper-crafted world. 

With six sublimely atmospheric stages, a dynamic weather cycle swirls around you, the sun melting away from day to night and the ever changing terrain beneath your board offering up new challenges from second to second. 

Shred It! is a different experience every time you play with newly generated runs every single time.


Unlock Extra Characters

By achieving tasks within the game you can unlock other characters, each with their own special abilities.


Gameplay Details

Multiple Game Modes

In Shred It! there are three specific game modes; each bringing a different experience to the papercraft universe.

  • Endless Slope: Just how far can you make it down the hill!
  • Checkpoint Challenge: A race agains the clock!
  • Chillout mode: Just relax, with a chilled ride and no danger.


See Shred It! in Action


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