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Savage Skies

  • ps2
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Simulation / Shooter
  • Publisher: BAM!
  • Developer: TBC
Blood and Gore
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Blast through the skies and swoop down on the enemy with wings of fury in the fierce new action-flying game Savage Skies. Riding atop a variety of mythical creatures--each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and ferocious attacks--you will become a key component in a battle fought between three warring factions. Your choices will decide the fate of the battle--will you take command of a terrifying dragon to lay waste to your foes, or might this particular challenge call for a swifter creature bring victory? You will even be able to choose your side in the combat, as you can fight for the honorable Virtwyn clan, engage as the industrious Crystalis, or unleash terror as a member of the dreadful Pariah!

  • Rage through an epic fantasy world in more than 27 unique playable missions
  • Complete missions for each of three distinct factions: the Virtwyn, the Chrysalis and the Pariah
  • Unleash 24 fully detailed creatures like dragons, wyrms, oculi, and unicorns each with unique combat moves, weaponry and performance characteristics
  • More than 60 unique creature and dragon-rider weapons
  • Participate in full-fledged campaigns including diverse mission types likes offensive onslaughts, sabotage attacks, racing, and defensive engagements to forge the path to victory
  • Blast friends and enemies in split screen multiplayer mayhem
  • Unlock dozens of new creatures, alternate versions, levels, gameplay modes and more

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