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ROM: Extraction


ROM: Extraction is a fast-paced homage to the classic arcade shooter--with a VR twist. Engage in an epic takedown of extraterrestrial robots by combining your futuristic weapons with your ability to slow down time.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: TBD
  • Genre: Action / Arcade / First Person Shooter
  • Publisher: First Contact Entertainment
  • Developer: First Contact Entertainment
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Welcome to the year 2076, where you now have the power to slow down time--called "Reflex" power. You’re an Extractor, on a mission to extract valuable alien resources to bring back to Earth. Unfortunately, your ship has been overrun by extraterrestrial A.I., who are laser-focused on protecting these vital resources. By combining your futuristic weapons with your ability to slow down time, you’ll eliminate enemies like never before in this high-intensity arcade experience. 

  • Use the PS Aim or PS Move controllers to experience the one-to-one realism of wielding weapons against extraterrestrial A.I. in a not-so-distant future. 
  • Explore how you can bend the laws of time in the ROM universe--and take down enemies in epic explosions. 
  • Feel the intensity of VR gameplay set to a killer EDM soundtrack. 
  • Leaderboards let you see how you stack up against your local and global Extractors. 
  • Exclusive features developed for PS VR, including new weapons, enemies, levels, and gameplay modes.


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ROM: Extraction is a trademark of First Contact Entertainment Inc.