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Rogue Galaxy™

Set Sail on a Space Pirate Adventure.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Role Playing Game (RPG)
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Developer: Level-5
Crude Humor
Mild Language
Mild Suggestive Themes
Use of Alcohol and Tobacco
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Experience PS2™ games on your PlayStation®4 system

Rogue Galaxy has been converted from its original PlayStation 2 version to include 1080p up-rendering and Trophies. Additional enhanced features include Share Play*, Remote Play, Activity Feeds and Second Screen support for game manuals with PS Vita system or PlayStation App. Purchase & download PS2 games from PlayStation Store.

*Active PS Plus membership required for some Share Play features.






Jaster dreams of exploring the galaxy. In a sudden turn of fate, he is recruited into a band of space pirates and takes flight on an adventure of a lifetime. Set off to discover new worlds on a quest to find a legendary planet that holds the key to the greatest treasures in the galaxy.

  • Explore what you see with no load times
  • More than 100 hours of gameplay
  • Choose from 8 different space pirates
  • Unique real-time combat.

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This title has been converted from the original PlayStation®2 version to the PS4™ system. Consequently, there may be times where the title plays differently from the PlayStation®2 version, or where some features may not function properly. This version does not support PlayStation®2 peripherals, therefore some functionality may not be available.

©2006 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Created and developed by Level 5. Rogue Galaxy is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.