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RiftStar Raiders

You and up to 3 friends take on the roles of rogue pilots who’ll accept any type of mission as long as there’s cash on the table…no questions asked! Together you’ll be swept up in an interstellar war between four factions and across nine missions to become the best that the Far Reach has ever known!

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Flying
  • Publisher: Vision Games Publishing
  • Developer: Climax Studios
Fantasy Violence
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Earn it, Build it…

Enlist your most reliable teammates to shoot and loot your way through nine formidable four player co-op missions, wiping out swarms of aliens, feds and rival pirate gangs in this deep-space, top-down shoot ’em up. Collect perks and loot as you clash with mobs of enemies in intense combat and reap the rewards to craft and upgrade your ship. Customize your spacecraft with tons of combinations to create your perfect loadout, whether you want to be a tank to take the hits, a support to snatch your comrades from the jaws of death, an agile damage dealer and more.


Guts, Guile and Guns…

The Spiral Arm has been plunged into chaos, and it’s fallen to the poster boy for the Federation’s ‘Most Wanted’ to save the galaxy…and turn a profit. Hordes of WarSwarm, a hive-mind of alien AI, have waged war on humanity, launching overwhelming attacks against federation space, and now it falls to you and your ragtag team of Raiders to take them out. Hailing from the orbital city of Arcadia, located at the heart of the Far Reach and home to the galaxy’s pirate guilds and criminal elite, Raiders are infamous hot-shot pilots, scavengers and mercenaries. But working for the feds doesn’t mean you’re about to let all that loot slip between your fingers without a fight, even with a much greater threat on the horizon.


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RiftStar Raiders. Copyright 2017 by Climax Vision 1 Ltd. All rights reserved. Published and distributed by Vision Games Publishing LTD.