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Solve complex puzzles, explore hidden temples, reconstruct ancient statues, escape deadly platforms and revel in the joy of flight as you recover the life force of the Music Giants and restore rhythm to the world!

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure / Puzzle
  • Publisher: Digigo
  • Developer: Funsoft
Fantasy Violence
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Discover the Path.

Recover the Rhythm. Restore the Beat.

Inspired by tribal music, art and architecture from across the African continent, Rangi is challenging yet comfortable to play.

Close your eyes. Find your courage. Search for the path through the doors of the temple. Discover lost secrets, perhaps even your own. Pause and meditate, but do not let the Matata's tricks deceive you. There is danger in their beauty and violence in their artifice.


A Mystical Adventure

Listen. Do you hear the rhythm?

Once it was strong, guiding the beat of our people’s hearts. Once it was loud, filling our children with joy, bringing strength to our warriors. Once it was all around us, but now we must seek it out with drumbeats and dancing. This was not always the way of the world...

Long ago, the Music Giants wandered freely, keeping the beat alive. The land of Ota echoed to the sound of their footsteps, and the people of Nchi knew only peace, joy and harmony. Then came the Matata, the interrupters, the stealers of sound. They stole Chúkwú away from the Giants, hoarding their life force and locking it away inside secret puzzles. Now the drumbeat ebbs and fades. Some fear it will be lost forever.

But we are not without hope!

For the old men sing of one who will unlock the mysteries of the Matata, one who will return the Chúkwú to the Music Giants and restore the balance of our world. His name is Guruki, and his time has come.


Explore Mystical Africa

Rangi is a virtual reality adventure/puzzle game exploring a vivid and colorful setting inspired by tribal art, ancient architecture, rhythmic music and African landscapes.

Solve cryptic puzzles, reconstruct ancient statues, navigate deadly platforms and discover the joys of virtual flight while unravelling the enigmas of the insidious Matata. Recover the life force of the Music Giants and restore rhythm to the world.


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