Game Overview

Ranch Planet is the world's first ever WRG VR game developed and defined by Aoga Tech.

Story background

In the distant interstellar space,a galaxy called Ranch planet. Here lived an kind old king and his lovely daughter,Princess Rilla . However, it has lost its tranquility by a sudden misfortune—The king was critically ill and The evil tin man guard attempted to usurp the king's authority or he will destroy the whole planet~ The princess Rilla signaled to the Guardians of the Galaxy for help. A star defense battle is about to begin.

Game Genres

The WRG VR Game (WRG in reference to “the wrestling game”, the game is about strength combat )

Introduction of Gameplay

  1. Pull the trigger to launch the catching net and then spin the handle with the other hand to pull the net back.
  2. The parties have to fighting over a animal and won the score by dragging successfully. The larger the animal is, the higher the score will be.

Game Editions