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Rambo® The Video Game

Locked and loaded with the trademark Rambo arsenal of weapons, you battle through the boss showdowns and take-downs from the films - everything from Rambo’s evading the police in First Blood, to his single, explosive bow strike on Lieutenant Tay in Rambo First Blood Part II, and on to his shredding Russian helicopters with the Heavy Machine Gun in Rambo III.

  • PS3
  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Action / Arcade
  • Publisher: Reef Entertainment
  • Developer: Teyon
Intense Violence
Blood and Gore
Strong Language
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Game Details

In this classic arcade adventure you can use the classic Rambo weapon set of a bow, a knife, and guns as you encounter (and create) chaos, carnage and destruction. 

  • 16 Missions of action based on the movie series. 
  • All-out action in rail-shooting face-offs - players will need to make tactical use of cover-options to survive the enemy onslaught. 
  • Features actual voices of Rambo & Col. Trautman from the motion pictures. 
  • Selected music from the Motion Picture sound tracks. 
  • 25 different enemy types, spectacular boss battle and vehicle sections. 
  • 15 different guns plus a range of different arrow-tips for Rambo's bow. 
  • No health-packs or recharging health-bar - Kill to heal with Wrath Mode. 
  • In-depth score-attack features. 
  • Three difficulty levels with corresponding score-multiplier bonus. Play on Green Beret for highest scoring potential.

Yes, this IS the ultimate Rambo experience!



FIRST BLOOD ™ & © 1982 Studiocanal S.A. RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II ™ & © 1985 Studiocanal S.A.

RAMBO III ™ & © 1988 Studiocanal S.A. All rights reserved. RAMBO ® is a Registered Trademark owned by Studiocanal S.A. © 2013 Studiocanal S.A. All Rights Reserved.