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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle / Music and Rhythm / Strategy / Simulation
  • Publisher: Heavy Spectrum
  • Developer: TBC
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A puzzle game of deceptive simplicity and fiendish complexity!

Prepare your brain for a workout in the vibrantly themed worlds of Puzziball and after you have solved the challenges of Castaway Island, Neon Nights and Sunken Dreams, why not try the Puzziball extras pack, including four additional themed chapters plus the new Stars and Speed modes.

Using the sliders and the holes your goal is simply to get the ball to the exit!
Drag the sliders with your finger, and when the holes line up, flick the puzzle or tap the ball to move it between the upper and lower levels. What could be simpler? Oh, did we forget to mention the switches, teleporters and bombs.

Avoid all the devious tricks and traps and take time out for an Afternoon Tea!


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