Poop Slinger

Make Every Elimination Count!

There are 11 different Poop Slingers and 4 different types to choose from. Blast big turds up close or shoot smaller pellets from a distance. Every map and game mode as the right Poop Slinger for the job.

Poop Slinger includes a casual progression system. Just sling poop and unlock new maps, game modes, slingers, poop colors and attachments as you journey along.

Daily, Weekly and All-Time Leaderboards using GameSparks.

Game Modes

Objective: Eliminate the target and receive a bonus.

TP: TP periodically falls from the sky. Don’t let it hit the ground! The TP will increase in speed and points as the level progresses.

Survival: Time will be added with each elimination. Stop eliminating and you will run out of time.

Key Features

  • 11 Different Poop Slingers
  • Mod your Slinger with Attachments 
  • 9 Unique Maps
  • 3 Game Modes
  • Casual Progression System
  • Leaderboards (GameSparks)

Game Editions

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