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Plague Road

Rescue survivors, fight monsters and explore a once great city fallen to plague in a dark fantasy game combining turn-based tactical strategy and roguelike elements.

  • PS4
  • Also onPS Vita
  • PS4-Pro
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Publisher: Arcade Distillery
  • Developer: Arcade Distillery
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The Road to the City.

On the road, rescue survivors and choose whether to use them as traveling companions or to improve the Doctor's farm and gain access to new abilities. How your farm progresses depends upon where you assign survivors to work. Some survivor types are more valuable in certain jobs, but may be more useful still if kept available for expeditions. Surviving the road will rely on your ability to fight horrors created by the plague, in combat encounters featuring grid-based positioning and turn-based strategy mechanics.


Set around a city

Being consumed from within by a disease.

Set around a city being consumed from within by a disease, Plague Road tells a story of a lone doctor who once abandoned their home and now returns in search of those who have survived. Over the course of the game, players will learn how the city fell victim to the sickness growing within its walls, why the Plague Doctor left, and what brought them back in a tale of regret and redemption.



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