Pizza for  Justice

Never stop delivering

Pizza Titan Ultra is a big little indie game wearing a rad '90s aesthetic and a color palette that gives a loud shoutout to the sweet Saturday morning cartoons that inspired it. You can even build your own mech with parts, taking cues from the best the mecha genre has to offer. Then take your custom mobile pizzeria out into the city to run, slide, stomp, punch, spin, and roll through all opposition to deliver hot and fresh pizza within the time limit for your mission.

With equal parts city-stomping giant robot action and completely insane visual novel, Breakfall has lovingly crafted hilarious characters, but with heart.

Your crew will evoke a sense of madcap camaraderie while you action roll through giant robot battles to serve hot and fresh pizza pie. Your pizzeria's customers are crazy mashups of '80s and '90s pop culture. They never seem to JUST order pizza, bringing special requests.

Mission objectives range from hunting noisy helicopters to help man-sized dogs record hip-hop albums, to collecting giant floating pizza ingredients for amnesiac mercenaries with 10-foot swords. Some deliveries, the crew learns about teamwork and friendship. Other pizzas will be delivered (with pineapple) to save the world from a psychic apocalypse.

Ultimately unravel the mystery of your archnemesis, Cheezborg. How exactly did the former pizzeria mascot beloved by kids turn into a deranged robot overlord? Find out while crushing the cheezbot army along the way!

Crash Through Galactic City

Thirty-two crazy pizza delivery missions in 8 awesome handcrafted zones of the city. Totally destructable cityscape, with different missions asking you to be safe, smash the place, or just leave it up to you!

Arcade Action

Highly replayable challenges with randomized delivery locations and escalating waves of enemies. Choose from 4 unlockable ultra moves to meet the needs of your delivery mission.

Wacky Encounters

Laugh-out-loud funny dialogue as you pursue pizza and justice in Galactic City. Saturday morning-level entertainment with a campaign of VIP (Very Important Pizza) deliveries to an insane cast of characters.

Build Your Mech

Ultra-customizable mech with unlockable parts and whatever paint job you feel keeps you looking radical! Wear a giant cat head as you fight mouse-eared tanks to serve fast food.


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