The Battle Begins

Discover the origin of the Renegade faction with its leader, J.L. Brown, in the first single-player campaign of Phobos Vector Prime, the frenzied third-person shooter arcade! Year 2490.

Space expansion has started. Humanity has the necessary technology to explore the Solar System for the first time and the galaxy has become a battlefield.

Everyone wants their share of the stars. Space pilot J.L. Brown hates this war, but he decides to enroll for the money and remain hidden until he is required. However, J.L.'s sleep is altered by a mysterious explosion. After regaining control of his damaged ship, the pilot sets out to discover what is happening, but the TFR will not make it easy...

Retro Waves

In this new mode, you will have to defend three different areas from the endless enemy attack waves.

Each wave will be random, including every type of enemy of Phobos Vector Prime: The First Ring, besides the ones that we’ve developed exclusively for this patch:

  • Survival Mode: Defend three generators of the infinite waves of enemies.
  • New Map: In this new level there will be three zones. Each time the enemies destroy one, you will move on to the next.
  • More abilities: In each wave you can use the new defenses to kill the enemies. Turrets, power-ups, factories, doors ...
  • Prove your skill: Use the new streak system to get more points and share your final rank in social networks


  • Deal with multiple enemy waves and powerful final bosses that will try to stop your investigation
  • Use the landscape to fight against your enemies: hack, set snares and deploy your allied minions
  • Use the power of your integrated combat systems
  • Enjoy our retrowave '80s soundtrack


The game is set in several places of the galaxy. The spaceships and scenarios' realistic design contrasts with the isometric perspective. Finally, its style evokes the classic arcade of the subgenre


• Very beautiful landscapes in which we can perceive samples of the bloody battles that are fought in them, and contemplate the remains of advanced technological structures used by the military in the colonization

• Inhospitable mining stations on some asteroids. These cold locations project a sense of loneliness and desolation, which contrasts with the charm of the background planets

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