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Take flight in a dream-like cloudscape as you seek to reawaken the relics of a lost civilization.

  • PS4
  • PS4-Pro
  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Adventure / Family / Puzzle
  • Publisher: Heavy Spectrum Limited
  • Developer: Heavy Spectrum Limited
Mild Fantasy Violence
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Adventure above the clouds

Take to the skies as a dragon

Oure is an adventure where you explore a fantastic cloudscape dotted with the relics of an ancient civilization.

Transform into a dragon to soar the skies, or return to human form to revive giant machines and unlock the secrets of the past.

With a unique art style, non-violent gameplay and a wealth of mysteries to uncover, Oure is a game that anyone can enjoy.


A journey through the skies

As a unique child born with the powers of the ancient dragons, your parents cast you from the stricken surface into the land above the skies.

There you seek the fate of the legendary "Titans," massive beings that are said to be able to revive the world.

But to do so, you will need to master the abilities of both your human and dragon forms, and solve the riddles of the past to unlock a brighter future.


Oure is a non-violent game, with no "game over" state - anyone can play and enjoy the freedom of the skies. 

Explore the vast worlds of the clouds as a dragon, drawing power from them to soar higher and faster.

Seek the whereabouts of the great Titans, and use all of your wisdom and accumulated power to unravel their shackles and reawaken them.


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