Game Overview

Meet cheerful Kaori Sawai, fresh out of nursing school, as she joins Yurigahama Hosp\ital. Surviving a near death experience as a child left her with a desire to become a nurse and ''healing hands'' that let her relieve pain in patients just by touching them.

From the strict head nurse Hatsumi Otsuka, big-sisterly Yasuko Yamanouchi, and nursing school senpai Nagisa Fujisawa, to the hostile patient Sayuri Sakai, cute looking high-schooler Ami Asada, and the mysterious Master of room 310, the cast of quirky characters will all define Kaori's growth.

Let your choices decide how Kaori will grow her relationship, and lead her to one of the 20 or more endings, of sweet love or darker passions.

Including all the content of the updated Nurse Love Syndrome Re:Therapy game released in Japan, enjoy the definitive edition of love and nursing.

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