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NHL Hitz 2002

  • ps2
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Midway
  • Developer: TBC
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NHL Hitz is adrenaline hockey featuring big hits, rocket goals and ferocious gameplay! With Midway's NHL Hitz 20-02 you'll feel the sting of a 120-mph slapshot between the eyes; your bones will rattle, your teeth will clatter, and the serenade of the manic-fans will send chills down your spine. The lightning game speed, stunning next-generation graphics, and unique Midway-style action will have you frenzied...or perhaps it will be the 265 lb. defenseman who just planted you face first into the cold-hard ice. So slip your mouthguard on and lock your helmet in place because you're about to get slammed against the boards by the most entertaining hockey game ever created. This game knows hits!

  • Classic Midway Sports Asylum On-Fire Mode
  • Fully 3D Modeled Crowd, the first interactive 3D crowd in any sports video game
  • Fantasy Stadiums, Hidden Teams and Players
  • Huge Player Models with real player faces and expressions
  • Mini-Games including skills competitions straight from the NHL Skills Competition
  • In-Game Fighting - The most in-depth fighting system ever allowed in a licensed NHL Hockey game
  • Create-A-Player - allows players to design their ultimate ice warrior
  • High Powered Play-by-Play - commentary to describe all of the outrageous action
  • Lethal Checks that break glass and put players over the boards and onto their backs
  • Different Player Skill Sets - real player stats, abilities and attributes
  • Multiplayer Hockey - 1 to 6 players

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