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NFL Street 2 Unleashed

  • PSP
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
  • Developer: TBC
Mild Violence
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Take Your Style to the Streets on the PSP® system

Defy gravity and stretch the world of arcade football to the skies with NFL STREET 2: Unleashed. NFL players are free from their real-world constraints to dominate the streets one stylin’ move and one field at a time. Raise your game to the limits with up-the-wall passes, off-the-wall catches, and highlight-reel wall jukes that are sure to solidify your place as football’s greatest urban legend. With exclusive content like three new STREET Events, head-to-head wireless gameplay, and Throwback All-Star Teams with some of the greatest NFL stars playing both sides of the ball, the time to own the streets is NOW.

  • 3 Exclusive STREET Events
    You won’t find STREET Slalom, Style Point Challenge, and Style Standoff on any other platform.
  • 5 Wireless Head-to-Head Action
    Quickly find and challenge other players to some hard-hitting Exhibition modes and STREET Events from across the room via Wi-Fi.
  • 7 Party Play Modes
    Up to four players use a single PSP unit to compete in game modes including 2 Minute Challenge, Jump Ball Challenge, and more.
  • Exclusive NFL Throwback All-Star Teams
    Play as and against NFL stars on the teams where they became legendary, like Jerry Rice on the 49ers.
  • Off-the-Wall Intensity
    Defy gravity with off-the-wall catches, wall hurdles, and wall end zone dives, or create open throwing lanes with up-the-wall passes.
  • Show Off Your Style
    Make stylin’ no-look behind-the-back passes, or celebrate a winning score with one hand as you pull down a tough catch with the other.
  • Own the City
    Create a player, master new skills, and hit the streets. Recruit the best players for your team, playing seven different game styles including Crush the Carrier and 7-on-7. Take over new neighborhoods and defend your turf until the entire City is yours.

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