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NCAA® Final Four® 2001

  • PS One
  • Also onps2
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Developer: TBC
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This sequel to NCAA Final Four 2000 features reworked player models, 3D backgrounds and animated crowds, a plethora of options, updated controls, enhanced artificial intelligence, and all-new play-by-play commentary by announcer Quinn Buckner. In addition, the overall game engine is closely related to 989's other b-ball title, NBA ShootOut. And of course, college hoops fans can play through an entire stat-filled season or head straight to the big tournament in hopes of winning the championship.

New Features:

& #8226; Brand new player models and arena graphics: Every college player has been scaled to actual height, weight, and body style. All new college arenas recreate the spirit and intensity of the college hoops environment like never before.

& #8226; 50 new motion-captured animations: Motion-captured athletes include Trajan Langdon and other former college standouts. Try over 20 dunks like the tomahawk, two-handed follow-up slam, reverse jams, and more.

& #8226; Slick moves: Perform the one-handed bounce pass or no look pass, stick the turn-around-fade-away, sink a hook shot or lay-up-dish to a big man. Post up, drop step, or spin move to the finger roll. Raise the roof and fist-pump after big plays.

& #8226; More Than 300 Division Cap 1 Teams
Choose your favorite college team, whether it be a major powerhouse or an up-and-coming program, and battle against their biggest rival. Fight for the conference championship and see if your team has what it takes to be crowned National Champion.

& #8226; All-new A.I. and gameplay: Enhanced artificial intelligence results in the most advanced computer opponent ever seen in a college basketball game. Dynamic rim physics mean the ball will bounce off the rim and backboard in a variety of ways. An improved Touch Shooting meter gives you total control of your shot accuracy.

& #8226; Authentic college hoops: Give the home team a boost by using the 6TH Man Meter to fire up the home crowd, like the Wildcat fans in Arizona. Over 40 fight songs and chants from animated crowds truly mimic the ambiance of a college basketball game. Team-specific playbooks allow you to execute the Florida Gators full court press, Arizona's 3-point offense, Temple's stifling matchup zone defense, and more. The Bubble Watch feature allows you to track your team's progress toward the tournament.

& #8226; New Quinn Buckner play-by-play: Quinn Buckner calls the action while offering in-depth information. Buckner's play calling combined with multiple camera angles and a new TV-style presentation truly add to the authenticity of NCAA Final Four 2001.


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