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My Brother Rabbit is a beautifully drawn exploration adventure and puzzle game set in a surreal world that mixes reality with a child’s imagination.  Embark on a grand journey to five different lands filled with incredible robo-moose, floating baobabs, giant mushrooms, and clocks melting to the rhythm of passing time.

A loving family discovers that their daughter has fallen ill. While her parents set out to get her the treatment she needs, her determined older brother turns to the power of imagination to help them cope. While the outside world offers a harsh reality, these innocent children create a surreal fantasy world that gives them the play and comfort they need.

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An emotional story of love and courage

Take part in this inspiring story of siblings who support each other in difficult times through the power of imagination. Accompany them on the quest to help the flower regain its health.

Fantastic music by Arkadiusz Reikowski & Emi Evans

Every step in the journey is accentuated by the atmospheric music created by the composer behind the scores for Layers of Fear, Kholat, Husk, and >observer_ and voice behind NieR:Automata and Dark Souls.

A nostalgic journey to a time when dreams had the power to build worlds

Remember your childhood and see the world through young eyes again. Believe in the power of imagination: it always finds a way, even in the darkest of times. Your empathy and ingenuity can save the day.

The inspiration behind My Brother Rabbit design, story, and art comes from many different sources and angles. We’ve researched different vistas and places that could inspire our art team to create interesting locations for players to explore. But we've also looked at our own children to experience the way they perceive reality. We were amazed by their ability to create fantastic stories around common things. The surreal nature of a child’s imagination directed our efforts to visualize it and converse into a game that everybody could explore.

My Brother Rabbit tells its story without any verbal expression – it communicates with the player via art, gameplay, music and sounds. Indeed sounds are basically building blocks of the game, not just some bonus features. Not only do they complement the graphics and gameplay - the sounds and music bring every element of the game to life.  Arkadiusz Reikowski – an accomplished composer behind all that noise – drew from his rich experience to strenghten all the emotions that arise during playtime and helped create the changing moods throughout My Brother Rabbit.
My Brother Rabbit comes in a bundle with a beautiful avatars, soundtrack made by Arkadiusz Reikowski along with Emy Evans and an exclusive theme.

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