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MTV Music Generator 2

  • ps2
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Music and Rhythm
  • Publisher: CodeMasters Software
  • Developer: TBC
Mild Lyrics
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Skim your own beats with the new version of MTV Music Generator for the PlayStation 2. Bustin’ a groove to dance clips is fun, but that's nothing compared to mixing your own tracks. Far and away the coolest "gadget game" on the PlayStation 2 (or probably any other system, for that matter), MTV Music Generator 2 ups on the underground fave original with thousands of riffs and beats to work with. This get-up is so pro styled, it's got Apollo 440, Bentley Rhythm Ace, and Funkmaster Flex's endorsement--with a little hands-on experience, you can mix your own real rock, pop, garage, trance, house, indie, and R&B songs.

For spits and giggles, there is a game in here--watch trippy 3D videos of your music compositions, or swank out a party with a four-player "Music Jam"--everybody gets to jam over a running beat (tie in a multitap for PlayStation 2 and put up to eight riffers in). Still, the real draw of MTV Music Generator 2 is its ability to do some nearly studio-quality tracks. How real can this thing get? Try buzzing into the Riff Editor to write your tunes note-for-note using your own guitar or other instrument riffs, and then sweeten it with effects like echo, delay, and reverb. And for true beatmasters, send in the mail-in cert from the box and order the MTV Music Generator 2 Sample Kit--a USB peripheral that lets you import your own samples from CDs, tapes, or even your own voice! Puff Daddy, you're about to get some challegers...


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