Besides the Mosaic base game, the 1% DLC enhances the game experience with:

Executive Tie - Dress for success! This exclusive executive tie will surely make management take notice and increase your chances of promotion in the Mosaic Corporation! 

Deluxe Phone Cover - A fashionable executive phone cover to keep your in-game phone protected from the elements while inspiring you to Blip harder! 

Ad-delayer - We know you appreciate our corporate ads popping up while playing Blip Blop, but sometimes you want to stay in that Blop-zone a little while longer. With the Ad-delayer enabled, you will see slightly less ads on your in-game telephone. 

Premium Love Account - Having trouble finding that special someone? With a Premium Love Account you will get more matches from other Premium users in the Love app on your in-game phone.

Mosaic 1% Edition combines the base game and DLC.

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