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Monster Rancher® EVO

  • ps2
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role Playing Game (RPG)
  • Publisher: Tecmo
  • Developer: TBC
Alcohol Reference
Fantasy Violence
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The Evolution has Arrived…

Welcome to the next phase of monster breeding in Monster Rancher® EVO. With a strong character-driven story, an advanced training system, three-on-three battles and the ability to raise a variety of monsters at a time, players take raising monsters to new heights. Players join Julio, a young circus performer with dreams of becoming a champion monster breeder. Traveling with the circus to seven different towns, each with its own story and beautifully rendered unique 3D environments, new quests and friends await those who thirst for the evolution of adventure.

  • Unique Training System: Led by Julio’s circus performer friends, you use show time performances to train and develop your monster’s abilities.
  • Breeding and battle are intertwined: Develop an unstoppable team of monsters through careful mastery of the enhanced multi-breeding system. Partner your monsters together, in up to three-on-three battles in real time, by mastering combinations and support skills.
  • Train monsters to work together: In dungeons, players put their monsters to the test – controlling them to work as a team to complete objectives and clear obstacles.
  • Engulf yourself in a fantasy world: Use Julio’s accordion music to influence your monster’s mood and performance while traditional circus acts take to the stage

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