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MLB® The Show 17™

Only On PlayStation®

The Kid is back in MLB® The Show 17™

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SIEA
  • Developer: San Diego Studio
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The Show, your baseball story

MLB The Show 17 delivers the most realistic and personal baseball gaming experience on consoles. This year The Show offers exciting gameplay improvements and a greater ability to personalize your baseball experience.


MLB® The Show 17™


Digital Deluxe Edition

Get the most out of MLB® The Show™ 17 with the Digital Deluxe Edition. With more than $200 in value, the Digital Deluxe edition is a must have for the most dedicated fans of “The Show”. Along with a copy of the game, the Digital Deluxe Edition contains:

  • 11,000 Stubs 
  • Gold Season Starter Pack (includes Mission Starter for Gold Item)
  • Diamond Season Starter Pack (Mission Starter for Diamond Item)
  • Digital Deluxe Pack 
  • 1 Sponsor Pack 
  • 20 Standard Packs 
  • 31 PS4 Themes

Hall of Fame Edition

The Kid is back with the MLB® The Show™ 17. Celebrate his return to baseball and video games with the Hall of Fame Edition.  With more than $200 in value, the Hall of Fame Edition is a must have. Along with a copy of the game, this EB Games Exclusive Product comes with:

  • Limited MVP Edition Steel book
  • Digital NEW ERA x MLB THE SHOW 17 HALL OF FAME EDITION 9FIFTY® HAT (for use in Diamond Dynasty)
  • 11,000 Stubs
  • Gold Season Starter Pack (Mission Starter for Gold Item)
  • Diamond Season Starter Pack (Mission Starter for Gold Item)
  • 1 Sponsor Pack
  • 10 Standard Packs 
  • 31 PS4 Themes

Get Started with MLB The Show 17

Step 1: Get MLB The Show 17. Can’t play if you don’t have the game, right?

Step 2: Kiss Sanchez or Griffey for good luck.

Step 3: Do 17 jumping jacks.

Step 4: Load up MLB The Show 17 on your PS4.

Step 5: Warm up with a few games in Retro Mode, kickin’ it Ken Griffey Jr. style. Mash that X button and hit homers all day.

Step 6: Boot up Road to the Show and start building your character. Will he get a gnarly beard or a good ol’ fashioned stache?

Step 7: Use training points to make him harder, better, faster and stronger.

Step 8: Roll out of the minors when your agent calls you with an offer to head to The Show. But be careful: the path to the majors may not always go the way you want, and is greatly determined by your choices.

Step 9: Want to play only the best bits? Jump into Franchise Mode and cut directly to those nail-biting, game-deciding moments with Critical Situations. Or use Player Lock to hop on the field and follow one specific player throughout the game.

Step 10: Build your Dynasty. Step up to the plate and compete against your friends in Battle Royale with short three-inning games to settle your grudges.

Step 11: Conquer the league and take over rival territories in Conquest Mode. Dominate in quick three-inning games to energize your fans and take the world by storm!

Step 12: Do a victory dance. Repeat.

If you haven’t checked out MLB The Show 17 yet, go to to learn more and find out why Everybody Loves the Show. Keep up to date with the latest MLB The Show news and videos by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 


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