Carrot Top

Up to four players can do battle online in this deeply funny table-top VR experience. With head and hand tracking ensuring you never miss a fist pump, round of applause or facepalm, you'll feel like you're sat at a table with your friends and opponents, creating a sense of presence which only VR can provide.

There's more than just multiplayer to enjoy. The robust tutorial system also features 30 puzzle-like challenges, handcrafted to expose players to the deep strategy which lies beneath the colourful, mechanised madness. You can then take these skills into battle with up to four AI players with three difficulty settings, all the while earning the XP you need to get some awesome rewards.

Dead Eye

We all love it when a plan comes together, but you'll need to study your opponents and predict their moves if you want the outcome to be in your favor. Program your mech to target your opponent's limbs to spin them off course, send their shots careening off in another direction or even knock them onto another square. If things aren't going well and you've built up enough power, you can use intercept cards to turn the tide and ensure victory - or at least prevent someone else's! For instance, if an opposing mech is heading for the victory square, nudge them off course and into a trap. Maybe you have one piece of health left and an opponent has you in their sights, so you jam their gun and buy yourself some time to recover. If you're looking for something with a little more "oomph", you can call in air support!

With every challenge, online game or single player match you play, you'll be earning the XP required to climb through the levels and unlock new cosmetic items, dances and emotes for your avatar and mech. Your avatar sits at the table representing you and your movements, while your mech is your little buddy on the board. So if you want to wear a suit of armour to your next battle that's no problem. Or how about a head made of sushi? You can do that too. Maybe you want your Mech to dress like a samurai and fire projectiles from a cat? That's apparently also a thing.


FuturLab, the studio behind critical hit Velocity, have been making games for 15 years and this isn't their first experience working in VR. In 2017 they released the incredible Tiny Trax and have been continuing to find the fun of the medium ever since. This game is a little different, as they explored beyond the 'fun' to find the 'funny' and we're sure you'll agree they found it in the organised chaos of Mini-Mech Mayhem.

They've tried to make your experience as accessible as possible, with VR & social comfort features and a variety of control options to make sure you can get into the fun quickly and in whatever way which suits you.

Game Editions

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