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March Madness 2003

  • ps2
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
  • Developer: TBC
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In March Madness 2003, you're not playing for a contract, you're playing for the sport. Hit the court for the raw, physical style of basketball you get when athletes play for school pride in front of crazed fans.

Animations are smoother and player responsiveness is faster, so players look and play better than ever before. With total-control dribbling, unbelievable collisions, and an incredibly deep Dynasty mode, March Madness 2003 is all about the power and passion of college basketball.

  • Live the Life: The college atmosphere is now attainable—become part of the college dynasty.
  • Gameplay Controls: Newly constructed game control physics provide total control of the action on the court.
  • Take the Shot: Drive the hoop—stop and pop or pick and roll. You control the team’s destiny.
  • Highlight Reel: New cut scenes, from a coach jawing at the ref to bench players erupting as a sweet “3” beats the buzzer.
  • Authentic Sounds: Fresh color with Dicky V and new play-by-play commentary throughout the entire season. Get in the game with all-new team chants and anthems to bring you closer to the pinnacle moment.


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