Inmate 39 is a harmless little creature trapped in a horrific world his mid has created. You must help him escape this traumatic reality by collecting clues and putting the pieces of his life together. From time to time Inmate 39’s alter ego, a deadly creature, will come to his aid, destroying everything in his path.


Playing as the helpless and small Inmate and switching to the big deadly ally will present a fun and interesting gameplay experience. Also, now you can get new trophiesm, get new items and explore areas in the dark. 

The creatures in the game are inspired on drawings made by real psychiatric patients. In the face of danger a very powerful ally will be helpful to furiously tear apart and destroy your enemies.
The director of the game went to real psychiatric hospitals to study the behavior of psychiatric patients and then wrote a compelling story from the point of viwe of a twisted man who needs to escape from his mind. The developers and animators at the studio got behind the script and this dark vision came to life as a beautifully cretaed horror experience. 

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