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Linelight is an elegant puzzle adventure in a universe of lines.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle / Platformer
  • Publisher: Brett Taylor Interactive, LLC.
  • Developer: My Dog Zorro
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Linelight is an elegant puzzle game where everything takes place on lines. Its zen-inducing music and visuals will metaphysically massage your back while you metaphysically ace a super hard test. Linelight is an experience of perpetual discovery, satisfaction, and glorious “Aha!!” moments.




Unique and Intuitive Gameplay

With its unique and intuitive gameplay, Linelight is a game for both first-time puzzle gamers and hardcore puzzle enthusiasts alike. Its collection of fresh, new mechanics will continue to surprise you, delight you, and constantly challenge you to think in new ways.


Move. That’s it, move. Play with your foot for an added challenge. If you’re into that.



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