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Leave the Nest


Leave the Nest is THE fun and frantic endless flapper. Become the bird who flies furthest and sees the whole world so they can build their new home away from home.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Party / Action / Arcade
  • Publisher: Kaio Interactive
  • Developer: Kaio Interactive
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Discover new lands

Leave the Nest is the best endless flapper in Virtual Reality and is designed to reduce the risk of discomfort traditionally associated with VR.  Starting with Virdy, our easy-going trainer bird, you’ll quickly learn that staying aloft is only part of the challenge, as you fly as far from your starting nest as you can; before settling your new home.

Choose your bird

You’ll be able to unlock Henry the Hummingbird, who, at the tap of a button can make the world slow down to a crawl as he hovers to get to the sweetest flowers before zooming ahead like the hyper little bird he is.  With a total of 19 unique birds with their own unique character and abilities including festive birds, and even the Halloween themed Spoopy the Bat, all your friends will have a favorite.




Flap Flap Fly

Launch your bird through the air by using the motion controllers and flapping your arms (and keep flapping).  With PlayStation Move motion controllers you can keep your little bird aloft by flapping your arms to simulate their wing actions.  Never fear fatigue though, as your bird has the luxury of resting their wings when they glide from zone to zone.

Without motion controllers, the wireless controller will be your best friend to help you zip through windows and dive from above the clouds to collect the ever so useful power-ups like Shields, Magnets & Slowdowns. Yes, that’s right however you decide to control your bird, you'll quickly pick up speed as you flap far & flap free, those slowdowns will definitely come in handy.

Just remember the five ‘F’s of Leave the Nest:- "Flap, Flapping, Flapper, Fly and Flap"



Fly Far, Fly Free, and Keep Flapping

It’s time for Virdy and his friends to have a change of scenery, as you choose your bird and flap your way across as many zones as you can.  All our birds have different likes and dislikes.  Some collect coins, others collect flowers or acorns. All love to swoop and soar through forests, snow-scapes, mountainous volcanoes, even dodging around city buildings, and diving through open windows for extra points, as you see just how far you can fly.



See Leave the Nest in Action


Leave the Nest © 2016 Kaio Interactive LLC