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League of War: VR Arena

  • PS4
  • PS4-Pro
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Arcade
  • Publisher: MunkyFun Inc.
  • Developer: MunkyFun Inc.
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League of War: VR Arena

League of War: VR Arena is a head-to-head, hands-on, fast-paced tabletop war game.  Swiftly deploy your tanks, infantry, and choppers on to the battlefield to destroy your enemy’s base before they destroy yours!


Genre Defining Combat Made Easy

For the first time in VR, experience the visceral thrill of sending your army into battle just like toys.  Simply pick up the unit you want to deploy, and place it with your own hands onto the virtual battlefield.  Then deploy another one.  And another.  With laser point targeting built in, your army will soon be on their way to blowing up the enemy and winning the battle!

Head-to-Head Havoc on the Social Screen

Test your military mettle against your friends and frenemies.  In Arcade Mode, you can activate the PSVR’s Social Screen to pit your custom-built armies against your friends in a battle for ultimate VR domination!

Strategic as You Want to Be

Once the initial rush of smashing units against each other wears off, you’ll be digging deeper into the strategic elements of League of War: VR Arena.  Do you flood the field with less powerful infantry or send out the recons. Maybe you hold back all together while you super charge your tanks?  Or is now the time to send out your chopper to clear out the enemy recons?  Move fast, or take the time to target specific units with the laser guided targeting system.

Campaign Chaos

Each army in League of War: VR Arena is commanded by a unique mercenary commander with a story to tell.  As you work through the single-player campaign, the commanders will narrate their stories and unlock new features!


Tabletop Tactics

League of War: VR Arena brings wargaming to life on an action-packed virtual tabletop.  Pick up your units and examine them!  Target troublesome enemies with laser guidance systems!  Dodge the shrapnel of exploding artillery units!  It’s the thrill of combat, as only PlayStation’s PSVR can bring you!


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