The Tale of a Legendary Sword

The Sword of Amal - a treasure that can grant any wish.
Ryser and his partner Cougar are seekers on a mission to find the Sword of Amal.
During their adventure, they come across comrades and their thoughts about the sword.

Enjoy Illusion of L'Phalcia, an RPG with engaging character development system and additional challenges,as well as stunning 3D battles.

The Fun is Only Just Beginning

Boasting a voluminous story, an expansive world, treasure filled dungeons, subquests, exciting battles, weapon creation, and more... the all-inclusive RPG experience is here!

A Fascinating World

Gameplay dialogue screen

The world of L'Phalcia is rich with beautiful graphics and breath-taking voiceovers that will intrigue you.

Does the Sword of Amal really exist? Can it grant wishes? What will happen to Ryser and his party?

Find out by reaching the end of this exciting adventure.

Stunning 3D Battles

gameplay magic casting

Dazzling 3D battles bring the characters to life!

Overwhelm your enemies with beautifully portrayed skills and magic, as well as skill chain attacks, a powerful move you perform with your allies!

Configure the Auto settings in the menu to set a character's actions in auto battle to enjoy a more streamlined adventure.

Gems & Runes

gameplay gems and runes

Acquire Gems throughout the adventure and attach them to a character's Rune to enable and learn magic, as well as gain status boosts.

Gems come in different shapes and sizes, and attaching them to a Rune feels like a puzzle. They reinforce stats and enable the magic you want a character to learn!

Explore the Unknown

Many subquests await you as you progress through the main story. There are also enemies in the field that are vastly more powerful than others. Challenge them when you feel up to it.

Game Editions

Illusion of L'Phalcia