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Home Free

Home Free is an open-world action-RPG starring a dog lost in a sprawling, randomly generated city. Use your canine abilities to explore this strange, sometimes hostile environment and find your place in the world.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Action / Adventure / Role Playing Game (RPG)
  • Publisher: Kevin Cancienne
  • Developer: MAKEROCA
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You are a dog, lost in a sprawling and unfamiliar city. You wander the streets, searching for scraps, for shelter, for a friendly face. Slowly, you overcome some of your fears. You learn where you can snag a meaty bone, where you can sleep warm and safe at night. Strange streets become familiar territory. One by one, the streets become yours. You find friends. Eventually, maybe, home.




A World Made For Humans...

The city is noisy, crowded and surprising, built for two-legged creatures whose ways are hard to understand. Some seem friendly. Can you get them to share their food? Others run screaming when they see you. Maybe they want you to chase them? Some attack on sight, with hands and sticks and boots. What’s your best escape route? Noisy metal boxes fly by in unpredictable patterns. Are you fast enough to dodge them? It’s their city, but you can still master its streets.


...A World Full of Dogs

You're far from the only one of your kind in this place. Other dogs prowl the streets. Some protect their territory and won't let you pass without a fight. Some are wary and keep their distance. Some could be friends. A sniff, a chase, and a romp through a park is all it takes to seal a friendship. And who knows, maybe one friendship can lead to another




  • Be a dog in an unexplored city!
  • Play as any of over a dozen breeds (plus many more color and marking variations). Maybe even more, depending on stretch goals and rewards!
  • Explore a dense, procedurally-generated city unique to your game. Every street, alleyway, building, nook and cranny was generated just for your game. No one has been here before, so you better start marking your territory.
  • Player-driven narrative. Shape the story of one dog's survival through your choices and actions. Experience the the world from the perspective a creature who will never quite understand why that world acts the way it does.
  • Wrestle, wriggle, and pounce. Home Free features a full range of canine moves to master, whether you're playing with friendly dogs in a local park or escaping the aggressions of territorial dogs in a dark alley.
  • Learn the unique rhythms of your city. Which neighborhood has the tastiest garbage just after sunset? What park empties at mid-day so you and your dog friends can have a fun romp when no one's around?
  • Decide how to survive. Will you be a bandit, stealing food from unsuspecting humans when you can? A performer, trying to earn treats and sympathy from dog-friendly citizens? Or a scavenger, sticking to the margins and following your nose?

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