Game Overview

Fast-Paced Real Time Dungeon x Edo Japanese Yokai Folklore

Storm the Yokai-infested Hyakki Castle and defeat its ruler!
Form your party (a group of secret agents) from among four races: Human, Oni, Tengu, and Nekomata. Then conquer the terrifying and mysterious Yokai-filled castle!

A Yokai-Filled Castle with Death Looming Around the Corner

The player will storm Hyakki Castle, where formidable Yokai and terrifying traps await.
Eat the food you find in the castle to survive. An empty stomach will lower your stats.
There's nowhere to relax in this castle. Eat, sleep, destroy Yokai, and search the castle.

The 2 Party System

The game has a split party system.
The player can freely split up into two parties at any time.
In addition, the party you aren't controlling will use spells to temporarily harden themselves, increasing their stamina.
Attack enemies from the rear to deal massive damage. Use the hardened party with high stamina as a decoy, and send the other around to the back.

Game Editions