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Game overview

Step into a storybook world and play as a gentle giant defending itself from hordes of pitchfork-wielding villagers, cavalry-mounted soldiers and flying devilish imps in this PS VR action title from Knocktwice Games.

With wave-based tower defense gameplay, where you represent the 'tower,'  you'll need to do everything in your power to survive the neverending onslaught. Catch and dodge pitchforks, barrels and other weapons as they are launched at you.

You can even grab tiny villagers out of the air and use them to knock out their friends! Unlock special objectives, locate secrets in each level and earn bronze, silver and gold trophies along the way.

From castle mountain tops, shark-infested pirate islands and creepy caverns, you'll battle armies of miniature foes, formidable mini-bosses and colossal monsters in this arcade-action experience.

Key features

Full campaign

Fight your way through 9 action-packed levels. Seek out hidden treasures to customize your experience and unlock resources, like a new set of hands – you never know when you can use the extra pair!

Simple, yet challenging gameplay

Kick back and relax with easy in-game mechanics. Pattern-based gameplay of punching, dodging, catching and throwing makes the game accessible for players of any level.

Multi-stage bosses

Survive waves of tiny enemies on every level, leading to formidable mini-bosses that include fire-tossing flying witches and boulder-throwing giants. Each world culminates in a gigantic stand-off against a monstrous boss where you battle creatures even larger than you!

Enemies are your ammo

Use not only pitchforks and barrels to defend yourself, but catch the tiny humans that launch themselves at you and throw ‘em back! Your ammo is only limited by what or who you can catch. But not everyone is your enemy – keep your eye out for the neighborhood baker floating through levels with cake to help you get your strength back.

Comical storybook worlds

Dive into themed biomes like medieval worlds, pirate-infested oceans and realms of the underworld, each filled with unique bosses and enemies. The storybook art style appeals to players of all ages.  

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Meet the team

Led by former Disney and PlayStation veterans Donny Hamilton and Christoph Biehn, Knocktwice Games use their passion and expertise for creating rich characters and vibrant worlds into making Good Goliath a highly enjoyable game experience for players.

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