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Full Auto™2: Battlelines

  • PS3
  • Also onPSP
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Racing / Action
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: TBC
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Full Auto™ 2: Battlelines revs up its engines as the next generation of high-speed combat racing. The game is the sequel to the award-winning Full Auto™, and this new standard of vehicular mayhem will be exclusively available for the PLAYSTATION®3 as a launch title.

In Full Auto 2: Battlelines, the once-pleasant districts of Meridian City are turning into battle zones, rife with automotive destruction. Use explosive weapons, high-speed vehicles and skillful technologically-groundbreaking demolition of the environment to defeat your opponents and claim the city as your own.


* Destroy and conquer: Destroy the city to block your opponents and discover invaluable new routes. Shoot everything you see to set off a massive variety of destructive chain reactions which affect both the environment and other racers. For example, shoot down the foundations of a building which lands on your opponents while revealing a secret power-up.

* Five unique multiplayer game modes: Take up the gauntlet in a variety of explosive multiplayer modes including Base Assault and Team Deathmatch. Engage in intense online multiplayer for up to eight players or fight and race against a friend in two-player splitscreen mode.

* Single-player campaign: Take control of the city’s urban battle zones, conquering various districts and gaining access to your opponents’ cars and weapons. You will need to build up your arsenal to win the ultimate battle. Enjoy hours of fresh gameplay in this story-based career mode.

* Choose your car and customize your weapons: Get behind the wheel of your high-speed car and choose from a wide variety of explosive weaponry, then enter into no-holds barred combat. Determine which customized weapon combinations and gameplay strategies work best against a variety of opponents.

* High-quality PLAYSTATION 3 technology: Full Auto 2: Battlelines pushes next-generation technological boundaries with breathtaking displays of destruction, physics, and speed by taking full advantage of the PS3®’s advanced Cell processor and Blu-ray Disc™ with maximum storage capacity, enabling delivery of entertainment content in full high-definition (HD) quality.

* Unwreck: Rewind time to take another shot at a treacherous turn, avoid a deadly obstacle, or simply avoid enemy fire.

* Online Play:Raceup to 8people at once.


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Full Auto™2: Battlelines

  • Full Auto™2: Battlelines

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