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A fully voiced, fully animated Story Mode

A fully voiced, fully animated Story Mode featuring Nolan North (Uncharted), John DiMaggio (Futurama, Adventure Time), Sam Riegel (Critical Role), and Eric Bauza (Rick & Morty).

Classic shmup gameplay blended with melee combat! You're flying a ship shaped like a giant hand, so use it! Punch, grab, and shoot enemies to smithereens! The unique grab attack allows you to capture enemies and use their guns as power-ups!
Giant hand ship versus enemy
  • Fight your way through 40 handcrafted levels, spread out over 13 worlds! Each world features new enemies, power-ups, and challenges!
  • A wide selection of difficulty settings. Whether you want to chill and enjoy the story or crank the difficulty for a butt-blasting ridiculous challenge, we've got you covered!
  • A highly satirical storyline that explores hot-button topics such as communism, US foreign policy, sriracha sauce, and crafting in video games.
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