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Fluster Cluck

  • PS4
  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Arcade / Action / Party
  • Publisher: LOOT™ Entertainment
  • Developer: LOOT™ Entertainment
Mild Violence
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Game Overview


The following announcement is brought to you by your friendly corporate Chikkin Koop management:



The Universe demands Chikkin.

Flip on a light switch? Charge your cell phone? Bench-pressed a forklift? Drain the grid for the rest of us in the name of your overpriced, fireball-on-wheels electric car? All these and more are made possible by Chikkin Koop: the universally recognized leader in APPLIED CHIKKIN TECHNOLOGIES.

The galaxy’s demand for Chikkin has grown to INSATIABLE levels.

In order to meet the ever-growing strain for more Chikkin – to avert wars, resource protests, rolling brownouts, melting glaciers and bad reruns on TV – Chikkin Koop has deployed its ultimate resource collector: THE CHIKKINIZER.

The Chikkinizer is truly THE BEST MACHINE EVER INVENTED. Anything dropped into it instantly turns into Chikkin! It is YOUR job, as a lowly Chikkin Koop employee, to GET THOSE CHIKKINS.

You have been given a standard-issue Chikkin Koop UFO. Go forth. Anything that is not nailed down must be Chikkinized.

Cows? Chikkinized.

Camels? Chikkinized.

Zombies? Chikkinized.

Treasure chests? Chikkinized.

Turrets? Chikkinized.

Coworkers? Chikkinized.


He who generates the most Chikkin will receive the best reward life has to offer: a Chikkin Koop PROMOTION!

Why do you want to be promoted? Because HE WHO CONTROLS THE CHIKKIN CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE.

Thank you for your service to Chikkin Koop, loyal employee. Remember to work hard, work long and go grab those Chikkins!


Story Overview


Plot? No.

Softcore romantic cutscenes? Sorry, none.

Moral dilemmas and dialogue trees? We don’t even know what those are.

Fast-paced mayhem, more loadouts than you can shake a cow at, UFO shootouts that remind you of the Battle Of The Mounds, and a mosh pit of poultry gone wild? You’ve come to the right spot.

A single-player campaign which you relentlessly Chikkinize your way to the top of the Chikkin Koop’s corporate ladder in search of a corporate promotion? We got that.

Couch multiplayer modes which allow up to four players to duke it out for ultimate bragging rights? Yeah, we got that too. Big time.

A refreshing lack of princesses to be saved, terrorist plot thwarting, and suspiciously androgynous heroes? Correct. We don’t have time for that stuff.

Your PS4 controller’s speaker: whoosh. Your friend’s PS4 controller speaker: BOOM. Your face: his fist. It’s a FLUSTER CLUCK.

Remember when we were kids, and multiplayer gaming meant PHYSICALLY GOING TO YOUR FRIEND’S HOUSE AND KICKING HIS ASS WHILE MOM MADE CHEESE-SOAKED NACHOS? Yeah. That’s FLUSTER CLUCK. It cuts through the blahblah and gets straight to the nachos.

FLUSTER CLUCK takes advantage of the PS4’s unique features. When you’re down on points, and your best friend sitting next to you on the sofa is gloating about his certain victory, there’s nothing quite so enjoyable as hearing the whoosh from your controller’s speaker as you launch a missile, followed by a BOOM from his controller’s speaker as he blows up. And then you chikkinize his broken and smoldering UFO -- complete with some more clucking awesome sound effects -- and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat at the buzzer.

At last, a videogame that teaches you valuable life lessons about getting along with coworkers, acing a performance review, and earning the title and income you deserve – and the joy of throwing your friend’s broken UFO into the Chikkinizer while laughing at his rageface.


Any questions? Ask us below and we promise a Chikkin Koop representative will respond to you promptly. At Chikkin Koop, our door is always open. Sometimes. Occasionally. Well…leave a message.



Gameplay Details


Single-player campaign in which you relentlessly “chikkinize” your way to the top of the Chikkin Koop’s corporate ladder, in search of a corporate promotion? Check.

Local multi-player modes which allow up to four players to duke it out for ultimate bragging rights? Check.

A complete and utter lack of princesses to be saved, terrorist plot thwarting, and disturbingly androdgynous heroes? Check.

You don’t need an IT certification to figure out the game’s controls. You don’t need to grind hours and hours of random encounters to build up statistics. You just need to accept that this is a game with UFOs, zombies, cows, camels, missiles, afterburners, turrets, treasure chests, shields, megafields, and decoys that go boom. Why? LOL idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it’s a FLUSTER CLUCK!

Choose from thousands of possible loadout combinations which best fit your style of play, and drop everything that isn’t nailed to the ground – cows, camels, zombies, and coworkers – into the Chikkinizer for points without getting blasted by your opponents. Play through the single-player campaign, or take on your friends in local multiplayer mayhem!


Key Features

Single-Player and 2-4 Players Split-Screen

  • 5 Game Modes: Campaign (with Co-Op), Battle, Deathmatch, Team Battle and

Team Deathmatch

  • 6 Characters
  • 18 Ships
  • 33 Hats
  • 9 Weapons
  • 12 Power-Up Items
  • 4 In-Game Badges
  • 10 Great Unique Maps
  • 3 AI Difficulty Options
  • 3 Firing Modifiers
  • 3 classes with 50 levels - Including Assistant To The Regional Manager
  • 64-bit true Blue-Sky 3D graphics
  • 1 Secret Menu




FLUSTER CLUCK™ ©2014 LOOT™ Entertainment, a Sony DADC US Inc. company.