Ultimate Scream
FIFA 19 Ultimate Team
FIFA Ultimate Scream headline
A squad of shapeshifters has been let loose in FUT 19 during Ultimate Scream, prepared to turn the FUT world upside down. This year’s Scream Team could scare the wits out of even the best players—get them on your squad to strike fear into your opponents all season.
FIFA Ultimate Scream Players
This year, a squad of shapeshifting beasts have been released into FUT, ready to frighten anyone who faces them. Every Ultimate Scream player item will have huge boosts to two of their six stat categories, but these shapeshifters like to change things up sometimes. At various times throughout the season, every item’s boosted stat categories will change, keeping everyone—especially your opponents—on their toes. Every time the changes go into effect, the background color of the Ultimate Scream item will change. Keep a close watch on these items, so that you don’t miss a chance to take them onto the pitch and strike fear into the hearts of any opponent. Ultimate Scream player items are available in some FUT packs for a limited time, and they’ll already be equipped with their first stat upgrades.