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Fenix Furia

Infinite jumps, infinite dashing, and lots of fury and rage, Fenix must track down a mysterious villain responsible for the destruction of his village. As Fenix races through nine worlds filled with thousands of baddies and challenging bosses.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Platformer
  • Publisher: Reverb Triple XP
  • Developer: Green Lava Studios
Fantasy Violence
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Fenix Furia's mechanics are unique yet simple – infinite jump and dash paired with instant restarts. Race through hundreds of increasingly difficult levels, with new mechanics like fire, ice and jump portals. Each level has a split-second of opportunity for passage through the hordes of unrelenting enemies; either approach the obstacles through trial and error or pause to mentally traverse the level and plan for an optimal route. Try to top the leaderboards while listening to slick retro-inspired music while conquering a myriad of addicting challenges.




  • New split-screen local Two Player Mode where gamers race-off to see who can finish each level the quickest
  • A new characters arises – Undead Fenix roars with rage in Two Player mode!
  • Easy mode feature acclimates new players to the hardcore platforming challenges ahead  
  • Nine varied and vastly unique worlds to traverse and conquer, each with dozens of increasingly difficult levels
  • Over 200 total levels of platforming madness with several new levels remixed for the console experience
  • Rapid-fire gameplay style means instant respawns between attempts maintaining fast tempo pace
  • Addictive nature of play that demands your absolute BEST platforming skills to achieve the best ratings per level
  • Stylized 2D art style compliments the rockin’ chip-tune soundtrack that varies with each world
  • Kick-ass extras include unlockable mini-games and delicious original cookie recipes

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