Father Joseph Seed approaches
Kin by Blood, Bound by Bliss

The Cult

The cult's tactics
Joseph has been spoken to by God who has tasked with him saving as many souls as he can from the end of the world. But rather than choosing to harvest these souls through peace, the Father chose the most vicious forms of manipulation possible.
An outdoor baptism
Bring Down the Cult

Join the Resistance

A bar scene
From the everyday townspeople of Holland Valley to the more self-sufficient residents spread throughout the Whitetail Mountains, every member of The Resistance has one thing in common: They want Hope County back. And they’ll use every tool at their disposal to ensure Joseph Seed is giving his next sermon from the grave.
The Reistance rushes into a fight

Meet the Resistance

See who joins the fight! Build the resistance and team up with Guns & Fangs for hire to take back Hope County.

Guns for Hire

Nick Rye art

Nick Rye

All his life, Nick has resisted the idea of war. But now war has come to him.

Jess Black art

Jess Black

Jess Black, the master huntress, wants to destroy the Project at Eden’s Gate for what they’ve done to her.

Hurk Drubman art

Hurk Drubman Jr

"You want me to turn some wheels into scrap metal? You point, and I'll shoot, man."

Adelaide Drubman art

Adelaide Drubman

Adelaide Drubman is healthier, wealthier, and wiser than most folks. Just ask her: she'll be glad to tell you all about herself.

Sharky Boshaw art

Sharky Boshaw

His parole officer calls him a serial arsonist, but he'd prefer the term, "fire enthusiast." See, wherever Sharky goes, fire follows.

Grace Armstrong art

Grace Armstrong

"Lot of people think they can pick up a scoped rifle and call themselves a sharpshooter. Well, I'm not a lot of people."

Fangs for Hire

Boomer art


Boomer is a former bird-dog regional champion. Then the cult stepped in and took his family away from him. But Boomer remains a loyal companion to those he can trust, and he's always ready to use his keen senses to take down the cult.

Peaches art


Even as powerful, silent, and deadly as she is, Peaches is just a big kitty at heart, and will follow you anywhere if she hears you shaking a bag of her favorite treats.

Cheeseburger art


Cheeseburger was found as a young cub, left to fend for himself after his mother was shot by poachers. Wade Fowler found him and brought him back to the F.A.N.G. Center, an animal sanctuary, where he was bottle-fed and nurtured back to health.