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ESPN NFL Football

  • ps2
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: TBC
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ESPN NFL Football series features a first-person mode in which you view the action from the perspective of a player on the field. In addition, the audio and visual effects in the game will change depending on which position the first-person mode is focusing on--for example, quarterbacks can hear the footsteps of defensive players closing in for the sack, as well as the thud of bodies hitting the ground.

ESPN NFL Football hits the line hard, challenging the conventions of football video gaming once again, with a fresh new experience that will put gamers right into the action. Enter a new world of ESPN integration, bringing you behind the scenes and into a captivating environment of new presentation schemes. A new play calling system makes it easy for gamers to navigate through menus, while more than 1,000 new animations and enhanced moves give ESPN NFL Football a new level of realism that is unmatched. Playable online and ready for the season to begin ESPN NFL Football is destined for greatness.

  • ESPN Presentation - Nothing compares to a stellar ESPN broadcast, complete with a new level of integration of scores, highlights, stats and overlays that further blur the line between a Sunday Night Football telecast and the game.
  • Untouchable Gameplay - Responsive controls give you command over every aspect of the game, including the ability to tap into the power of your player with “The Charge” – a new way to boost your performance.
  • Groundbreaking Animations – Unbelievable gang tackles, dazzling sideline grabs, and double-team blocks heighten the action, while smooth post-play animations accurately capture the exciting player celebrations and on-field disappointments that follow.
  • New Play-Calling System - No matter your experience, the all-new interface -- complete with updated NFL team playbooks -- will quicken your decisions on the field.
  • Stunning Visuals – New close-ups of all of the action including crowd scenes, cheerleaders and sideline players that bring more emotion to the game. Amazing player models, new fields, and sidelines bring it even closer to reality!
  • Advanced Online Play – Take your game online with fast head-to-head play, downloadable rosters, chat, and more.
  • Challenge System – Flags can go either way, but in a tough game you want every advantage. Don’t like the call? No problem, throw the red flag and get a second opinion.
  • Multi-Player Franchise – Why play franchise mode alone? Now you and all of your buddies can get together and pit your team management skills against each other head-to-head for ultimate bragging rights.

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