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Emily Wants to Play Too

You are alone, scared and have been trapped inside an office building by four dolls, a mannequin, a jack-in-the-box and a zombie-looking girl named Emily. You just wanted to deliver your sandwich order and head back to the restaurant, but they want to play. Emily Wants to Play Too is a fun and scary survival horror game with action, puzzles, strategy and stealth elements.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Horror / Action / Puzzle
  • Publisher: SKH Apps
  • Developer: Shawn Hitchcock
Mild Violence
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Game Overview

Emily is back!

Get ready for more excitement and scares than ever. The pizza delivery guy told everyone the dolls were alive,  but no one listened. Now play as a new person delivering a sandwich order to the building where the dolls are being kept. You are not ready for what you find! Emily and the dolls are back with new friends, games, scares and more. Use your wits to survive their scary games and escape alive!


Story Details


You were just delivering a sandwich

It is 7pm on Friday night, and you are headed to your delivery destination. Your next stop is some sort of crime research facility. What you didn’t know was that three very strange dolls were recently brought there for processing and storage. These dolls aren’t ordinary; they have a mind of their own. The dolls have work to do, and they are gathering new friends. You are only there to deliver a sandwich, but the dolls can't let any witnesses survive. Your night is about to take a turn for the worse. It will be one of the strangest and scariest nights of your life. Explore the office, avoid the dolls, avoid their friends and look for a way out. Emily will join in on the fun before the night ends, because Emily wants to play too!


Gameplay Details

Bigger, better, scarier...

Emily Wants to Play Too offers tons of fun, new, unique survival horror gameplay and strives to creep you out. It is much larger than the original game, including new characters, new games, better visuals, and all new ways to scare your pants off!


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