Elk Simulator has two primary hunting modes; Simulation and Season.  Season mode is a level progression and allows for the earning of trophies. Simulation hunt allows the player to custom select hunting parameters such as weapon, venue and gear but does not allow for trophies to be earned.

As previously mentioned, the player has the choice of two types of rifles or a compound bow. Gear choices include elk calls (2), range finder, and wind direction detector. The player can utilize any firearm/bow and gear in their possession. The virtual hunting guide provides valuable tips on game play and tactics. He functions like a coach, once the player gains proficiency they may not feel the need to bring the guide on hunts.

The production of Elk Simulator was very similar to all of the hunting games we have developed. One notable exception is that none of the team has yet to go elk hunting. However, with all of our hunting experience, and television, we were able to create realistic behavior to build the elk hunts, we believe! For the environments we used pictures of specific venues used in the game and then created the level's look based on that. Animal behavior resembled a hybrid between spring gobbler hunting and big game (deer) hunting. Elk react and come to calls during the breeding season much like wild turkeys. Another reality is the fact that elk have a very keen sense of smell, unlike turkeys yet just like deer. The final stage was having real out west elk hunters test and play the game. The marks came back high enough and the project was deemed ready to ship!

Currently, there is only one version of Elk Simulator. We are particularly interested in Add Ons and are exploring the feasibility of providing these with any of our hunting games that prove to be popular including Elk Simulator.

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