More than 50 Missions and 5 Difficulties

The Overdrive System will Change the Battle

50+ Missions in Five Difficulties

12 years have passed since the first encounter with the invader Aggressor and the world lost peace. Even now, the furious battle against them is full of chaos. This game includes 50+ severe missions, where you will fight against gigantic enemy creatures and huge invader weapons. All missions are playable in five different difficulties.

Four Mobile Soldiers and Variety of Weapons

You will become the legendary mobile soldier which controls four different PA Gears (powered exoskeleton used for combats), several hundreds weapons, arms and items. Regain hope to human beings.

The Overdrive System will Change the Battle

Due to the new core which only the main character Closer can use, the PA-Gear overdrives. The strategy will change dramatically.

Enriched Offline/Online Co-op Mode and Online Versus Mode

When playing the offline co-op mode, the traditional split-screen will be supported. Also, when playing the online mode, you can co-op with other EDF members around the world. The most exciting online co-op mode supports up to 6 players. Players can also play an online versus mode called the "mercenary" mode. Players will be divided in two teams (team EDF and team Kindred Rebellion) and fight for Gems to win the hot battle. Up to 8 players can play this mode at the same time.

Game Editions

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