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Dynasty Warriors

  • PS One
  • Also onPSP
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Publisher: Koei
  • Developer: TBC
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Based on the historical novel, & quot;Romance of the Three Kingdoms, & quot; Dynasty Warriors puts you right in the center of the upheaval of 3rd century China, when legendary warlords fought to expand and unite realms under their own banners. Enter a time of struggle, when warriors were as cunning as they were courageous. Master the dynamic game play. Wisely balance elaborate offensive strikes, with precisely timed defensive maneuvers and flurries of whirling counter attacks. Then, train to unleash the killer combination in martial mastery to become the Musou - the Warrior Unequaled!

Players choose from 10 legendary heroes, who fought to establish a new dynasty in 3rd century China, to engage each other in weapon-based combat. But it doesn't end there! As your skills improve, battle three bosses and three hidden characters to discover all 16 characters.

  • First strategy-to-fighting game crossover
  • Fast Game play -- ultra smooth 60 frames per second animation
  • 13 historical characters recreated in shaded and texture mapped 3D polygons
  • Strategic combat -- unique defensive moves include multiple blocks, dodges and parries are equally as important as offensive moves
  • Traditional Chinese weapons dictate style, speed, range and accuracy of attack
  • Dynamic story line unfolds on legendary battlefields
  • Cinematic character introductions and victorious endings
  • Seven exciting game modes (1 Player Battle, Versus, Team Battle, Tournament, Time Trial, Endurance and Practice)

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