Game overview



Welcome aboard a cruise liner called Hope.

Supernatural forces have taken over the ship. With mysterious malevolent monstrosities aboard, you’ll need to seek out other survivors, track down food and other resources, and manage your safe haven in this tactical turn-based RPG from Zen Studios.

Work your way across all 20 decks to unlock the mysteries of the ship to make it out alive and escape this vacation from hell.

Key features

Captivating characters

Play as one of four unlikely heroes. Think several steps ahead during each battle, plotting the optimal use of each character’s skills and strengths. Scavenge resources effectively as weapons, bandages, food and other supplies will get depleted. 

Mysterious monstrosities

Stave off horrific monsters from another dimension and recruit scattered survivors to fight alongside you. But make sure your companions rest and refuel, or panic may overtake them. You’ll need them for any hope of escaping this ship alive.  


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